Collabica is a handy tool to boost your Shopify sales. Here’s a story on how our customer’s LTV grew 39%
Outiquee is a new brand of women’s apparel. End of last year, its Shopify store saw a growth stall. Outiquee needed to quickly attract customers but couldn’t afford huge marketing costs.
With Collabica’s standard subscription, the brand accessed a database of verified Shopify cross-store selling partners, including an accessories brand HOMEN. If your customers shop for sunglasses and handbags in the next tab, why not offer these goods in your store for convenience?
The cross-store selling campaign was launched in a day. Within 24 hours, Outiquee
found HOMEN,
entered the partnership,
added HOMEN’s brands to its Shopify page,
and started selling accessories
Instead of leaving for other stores, customers happily stayed on Outiquee’s page to buy HOMEN’s goods. For a pre-agreed commission, Outiquee redirected orders to HOMEN as it processed its products’ deliveries. The partnership generated traffic to Outiquee but saved it from challenges that come with expanding assortment.
What were the results of Outiquee’s cross-store selling campaign?
increase AOV
increase LTV
eCommerce orders
Apart from the subscription, it cost Outiquee $0 to attract customers, find new channels, and double its sales.
Your business can have it, too. It’ll take you less than a day to launch beneficial Shopify partnerships.
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