Boost your store revenue with cross-store-selling
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Participate in Collabica's pilot launch and find your passive income.
We're developing a Shopify APP for beneficial partnerships between retailers and suppliers
Choose other brands’ products you want to add to your store
The supplier will receive your request
Orders are processed automatically
You recieve a commision on each product sell
How Collabica works explained in two minutes
You can become a supplier, retailer or even both
For retailers
For suppliers
You’ll have free access to a catalog of high-quality products complementary to your own. With just one click, add any item to your store and expand your offer. Get commission for each partner’s product you sell and enjoy a new source of income.
Hundreds of brands will be able to add your goods to their stores. Set the commission fees that retailers will receive for selling your products. Enjoy new directions and start selling more!
You need to be able to connect via Skype/Google meet
You need to have time to test the app and give us your feedback
You should have your own Shopify store with monthly revenue more than $5000
To become a beta tester you need to meet several requirements
Get more sales with each customer and make easy cross-sell offers
Increased loyalty because of the added items to your store that your customers will love
Get additional way to expand the range of your store at no extra cost
for beneficial partnerships between retailers and suppliers
How you benefit from Collabica
Do you have the right products to make easy cross-sell offers?
You’ll want to think about what solutions you can offer to your customers
If you sell jewelry, how about jewelry boxes, cleaner, or organizers? In offering solutions for your customers, we can help you add products that are well-suited to their needs.
With a single click, you can add products to your store from these partners. We will automatically import the product images, description, and everything else you’ll need.
When items are sold via our app, we only take a 5% fee and divide it automatically between retailer and supplier. Retailers also get commission from a supplier for selling items provided during their partnership. The recommended commission ranges from 20-30%.
Collabica is sponsored by Admitad
Admitad Startups is an investment group based in Chicago. We are focused on web and mobile B2B & B2C ecommerce
Free for life for the first 15 person install it and use it.
The only settlement is with the supplier; Collabica does not charge any fees.
During the test you will keep 100% of any sale made with Collabica.
Special terms for early birds
Currently, we are looking forward to bringing in more assistants to our beta testing.
Launch a pilot project in July
Next Steps
Submit an application to participate
We'll set up an online meeting with you
Then, we'll help you load items into your store
We’ll select complimentary products for your store
That's what we need to figure out
What percentage your average check will be increased
How Collabica can influence the direction of earnings
How Collabica can reduce your customer acquisition cost
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Founder Collabica
Daria Malinina